Replica watches-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial

So far, readers of this blog know that I am not necessarily the biggest fan of traditional watch design. The replica watches has some features that I personally don't necessarily like-but if the overall impression of the watch is still harmonious, that's also good for me. One example is Terra Nova by André Belfort. I can imagine it wearing much longer than just a week.

This is mainly because I like the combination of stainless steel and blue dial. In Terra Nova, numbers also appear in the sans-serif font bezel. I particularly like this detail replica watches, which is why even very traditional leather straps can be tolerated.

For me, a watch doesn't require significant complexity, but I'm relieved that the Terra Nova has a sun and moon dial replica watches. Everything shows that I never have to worry about the exact location of the moon, but not only does the disk work, it also looks good. Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial with date, date and month indications in addition to the sun moon dial. The 24-hour indicator is set, and the ETK 790 atomic meter provides a suitable boost.

Terra Nova is also available in silver replica watches uk, black, gold and silver as well as gold and black. The recommended price of this watch is 1,549 Euros.