What matters is the function of the replica watches

The Hindenberg Challenge is a weight scale. First, because it should be heavy (235 grams), and second, because it shows that elegant and modern design does not have to cost thousands of Euros. Today I look more closely at the replica watches.

I took it out of the packaging and the first thing that fake watches caught my attention was that the dial was almost bright orange. Like I imagine, I like it very much.

A beautiful and delicate detail of the challenge is the four crowns. Each is responsible for setting a specific clock indicator. I also like the crown cap. In this way, I can realize that I will not involuntarily withdraw my watch.

The automatic movement called H-09.130 powers Challenge fake watches, and the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal ensures that you always see the time clearly.

Of course, in addition to the year indicator, it also has a month indicator. Why the year and month in my model only show December 2011, which I don't understand. But it doesn't matter. What matters is the function, sturdiness and appearance of the replica watches-they convince me. My impression is that I will spend many adventures in the challenge.